Merch :: Amour Bohemian (Cassette) - Wholesale

Merch :: Amour Bohemian (Cassette) - Wholesale


'Amour Bohemian' is a renn-rock masterpiece. Pretty much all you could want from a deep album. Well done, sir. A little bit of Lou Reed, Scott Walker, Roy Wood..hell, I even hear a tiny bit of KISS in here!

John Dwyer, Thee Oh Sees, Castle Face Records

At final count, somewhere around sixty-five people had their hands into bringing this music to you. That number includes the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra, a full Latin jazz band, a few opera singers, and some of the finest psychedelic, garage, and jazz players out of Los Angeles and San Francisco. I am thankful all these folks entrusted me to not lead them off the edge of a cliff. You can know that nearly every conceivable detail was fussed over in order to give you an album that I hope will be a valued addition to your record collection. Thank you, dearest listener--fellow outsider and ne’er-do-well.

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