BITTER CALM :: GOOD GRIEF // 12" LP - Wholesale

BITTER CALM :: GOOD GRIEF // 12" LP - Wholesale


12” Vinyl Record by Bitter Calm. First 100 orders receive limited edition white vinyl.

Bitter Calm is a band whose beginning is marked by endings.

Following the death of his father, the end of a relationship, and the dissolution of the band Velouria all in a month’s time, Michael Harp’s life was irreversibly shifted and stripped of all familiarity at the age of 19.

The outpouring of music that followed sought to document this new reality, while searching far into his family’s past for answers to questions he never had the opportunity to ask.

Good Grief – Bitter Calm’s debut LP – is as ethereal as it is immediate, telling a story that is so intensely personal that you can't help but find yourself somewhere within it. This is a record that was painfully wrought and meticulously shaped in a years-long process that helped transform Bitter Calm from a hesitant solo recording project into a stunning live band that is quickly amassing a lengthy procession on its never-ending funeral march through the US. 

Listen/Watch: “Don’t Look Down”
“Night Stand”