There’s always something new to explore. After a decade of shape-shifting and genre-hopping through different projects, Venture Boi’s Matt Sanderlin continues to find new avenues to investigate. What started as lo-fi shoegaze, has morphed into bedroom dream pop, with hints of experimental alternative and R&B. To bring the new sounds to life, Sanderlin brought guitarist Cameron Riddle, bassist Dillon Ellis, and drummer Erik Buck into the fold. The dreamy, colorful textures of the Venture Boi recordings are highlighted elegantly by the strength of the live band, and heighten the energy of the collective’s sound in person. Collectively, Venture Boi’s sonic trails lead through dystopian trails into Lynchian valleys. Pockets of Beach House, Childish Gambino, and the Smiths appear in unexpected moments through the band’s released singles “Strange Ecstasy” and “Eden.” And what’s to come looks to be even more adventurous. “The album will be darker, wilder, and rich in color,” Sanderlin professes. “We’re excited to start weaving these new and existing stories together in a way that highlights what makes the singles great, while making things cohesive.” The debut LP is expected in 2020. “We’re always reaching for new heights,” says Sanderlin.

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