Before Salvo, there was a band called Pain, who released four albums and toured the U.S.A. heavily in the '90's. They produced a couple of videos, recorded a catchy tune for Cartoon Network, and had their songs included in the soundtracks of television shows. Then, they took a gigantic break. 

Now, Pain frontman Dan Lord and guitarist, Adam Guthrie, have assembled veteran band mates and brilliant new talent to create Salvo, and their new music is sure to please. Their album, Off the Charts, will be available for purchase on CD, vinyl, and digital formats in 2019.

Salvo’s music has the kind of melodic style, catchy beats, dynamic instrumentation, and evocative lyrics that Pain always delivered, but with a new maturity and mastery that will leave listeners delighted. Recorded and mixed at Birmingham’s Ol Elegante studio under the steady guidance of legendary Les Nuby of Verbena, Off the Charts has a rich, sparkling sound that rocks and inspires simultaneously.

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