NOwhere squares

High school never truly ends. In “real life”, it’s all-too-familiar themes only continue, just on a broader, grander scale : the cliques, the lunchroom, the games, the popular crowd, the freaks & geeks and the in-betweens. Yes we’ve all grown up, but some things just never change.

From the get-go, Nowhere Squares have presented themselves as the puny nerds and geeks that they are, never hiding behind the pretense of being a "cool, hip rock band". They dress dorky, they sing songs about being misunderstood and they let their frustrations take their music over, which ignites and intensifies it.

Nowhere Squares is the perfect “lock your bedroom door and dance your awkward away” soundtrack. Their music is a strange sort of punk rock therapy in which they transform ordinary things like feeling like you don't fit in or remembering something truly embarrassing into energetic, spastic, raucous and very human songs. It’s a cleansing, cathartic and oddly entertaining experience that readies and steadies you for another brutal, yet danceable trip down those uncomfortable “high school hallways”.

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