Johnny coley & the weirds

Joint Release with Sweet Wreath. 

Available physically and via streaming services (Spotify, Apple) on 3/1/19 

Available now for digital pre-order on Sweet Wreath: 

"With a strange ensemble of instruments setting an ambiguous mood, Johnny Coley delves into the saltwater pool of his mind to extract lucid observations that drip like surreal front porch gossip. With a drawling voice equally poignant and comic, Johnny's experimental storytelling unfolds like an old familiar blanket...musty and stained with various bodily fluids...a map of time, pleasure and disintegration. The music surrounding his verbal riffing is made by an array of off-beat combos: two banjos and a transistor radio screeching and braying in a field, amplified chalkboard paired with upright bass and mysterious German electronics, a brushed snare gently sizzling with harp and pyraharp. Johnny Coley & The Weirds keep things loose, unpredictable and juicy."

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releases March 1, 2019 

Johnny Coley: voice + words 
LaDonna Smith: banjo + keys 
Jimmy Griffin: percussion 
Brad Davis: electronics 
Lizzie Little: harp 
Jasper Lee: pyraharp + banjo + guitar 
Jess Marie Walker: flusdrawxing + flusvoxing 
Brent Stauffer: upright bass 

Recorded July 2018, B'ham, Alabama 
Recorded & Mixed by Jasper Lee 
Cover Painting Portrait by Craig Legg 
Photo by David Murray 
All other album artwork by Johnny Coley