Digital Release in High-Quality MP3 from Lil White Bitch

Track List

  1. Doorscratchon 03:41

  2. Body Hoppin 04:09

  3. Water In A Box 03:57

  4. False Truth 04:28

  5. Crusty Gold 03:59

  6. Lil Angry Man 04:12

  7. Liquid Damage 04:26

  8. Thunkun 02:37

  9. Everything All The Time 04:12

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Debut release from experimental music and performance group, Lil White Bitch.

Lil White Bitch is many things. A band. An art project. A multimedia experiment. A duo at its core (both atypically raised in Central Alabama), LWB is bound by unintended synchronicities.

Lil White Bitch delight in repurposing obsolete technology – especially if it’s free. The technology makes not only music, but disguises. Lil White Bitch wear masks made from tablets and smartphones. They have images for eyes. These are the children of the internet. They are staring back.

F+ -- Lil White Bitch’s debut – covers a lot of ground: Witch house. Hip Hop. Garage Rock. Glitch. Scuzz. Shrieking landscapes. Trap doors. Sudden spaces. Hooks so unexpected they startle: “Liquid Damage,” “Lil’ Angry Man,” “Everything All The Time,” and “Crusty Gold.” F+ plays like a haunted mixtape.

Released October 31, 2018
All rights reserved