Digital Release in High-Quality MP3 from HiHazel

Track List

  1. Rolling Stoned 2:51

  2. Sarah 6:33

  3. Odessa 3:47

  4. Means to an End 2:59

  5. Ride into the Sun 16:16

  6. Charles Mary 3:19

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"If HiHazel's Private Palace (self-released, 2016) were a real place, it would be a temple built to worship psychedelic rock 'n' roll. Inside would be a room dense with smoke, incense, and crimson and clover (whatever that is). A shrine to Arthur Lee, Syd Barrett and Roky Erickson would be illuminated by candles and purple string lights and would have a mantle covered in psychedelic artifacts; The Velvet Underground's White Light/White Heat (Verve, 1968), a Sun Ra plush doll, love beads, a copy of The Monkees' 1968 film Head, a didgeridoo (or two), Spaceman 3's live album Dreamweapon (Fierce, 1995) and probably drug paraphernalia. It's here the young musicians in local band HiHazel live. 

Worship is easy, but creating a personal offering that neither blasphemes nor plagiarizes is difficult. HiHazel succeeded with Private Palace. 

Recorded in the spring of 2016 in a Guadalajara, Mexico, Private Palace is a six-song document of an exotic place. On the album's opening track, "Rolling Stoned," the first sound is a car driving along a gravel road, the beginning of an atmospheric texture carried throughout the album by barking dogs and enthusiastic yelps from the band. "Charles and Mary," a stuttering pop song that could be the record's single, is an ode to partying that ends with a fuzzed-out garage-rock guitar solo rocketing into space before self-destructing into feedback. Private Palace is less than 30 minutes long but contains two freakout jams, the highlight being the subtle but hypnotic drone, "Ride into the Sun." - Jeffrey C. Lowe, Boise Weekly

Released January 18, 2019